POCITYF General Assembly - Granada

The project enters, in 2024, implementing solutions and monitoring results phase, expecting a significant contribution to the next stages of innovation in energy and digital for the medium-sized “lighthouse” cities, Évora and Alkmaar, but also for all follower cities that will replicate the good ideas and results of the project.

POCITYF has more than 46 partners and brings together experts in energy transition and digital transformation with a view to experimenting and developing innovative solutions that make it possible to balance the necessary energy consumption and the production of renewable sources. Europe's strategy is based on energy production based on renewable sources, but also on the implementation of sustainable urban blocks with a neutral energy balance. With enormous challenges in terms of heritage and industrialization, Évora combines diverse challenges and solutions in its urban ecosystem, from energy production, energy efficiency measures and citizen involvement. Decsis integrates several initiatives that range from optimizing energy efficiency, production based on renewables in its Datacenter, as well as boosting and supporting the Municipality of Évora and local communities to promote a better energy transition and digital transformation in the city.

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