Évora European Capital of Culture in 2027

Decsis team has participated in the initiative since its foundation, having contributed to the process of building the winning proposal for Évora 2027. Rui Barroso, Director at Decsis, is part of the work team with the responsibility for defining the digital and technological strategy for Évora, the European Capital of Culture in 2027.

The ambition of Évora and the promoters of Évora European Capital of Culture is to take the city to a new dimension based on the concept of "VAGAR" as a new perspective on the world and economic and social development, with guiding principles of cohesion, time, space and matter for a new reflection on society, with culture, heritage and technology as critical vectors.

Évora_27 European Capital of Culture is promoted by the Executive Board Évora 2027, led by the Municipality of Évora. This Executive Board also includes the Alentejo Regional Directorate for Culture, the University of Évora, the Intermunicipal Community of Central Alentejo, the Alentejo Regional Coordination and Development Commission, the Alentejo Tourism - ERT, Eugénio de Almeida Foundation and the Alentejo Regional Tourism Promotion Agency - ARPTA. Évora_27 also has the support of the remaining intermunicipal communities in Alentejo, thus representing the 47 municipalities in the region.

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