Customer Service - Access Rules

  • It is mandatory to use a mask to access and stay in the store. (Mandatory, by law, since 3 May.)
  • Access to the store is individual and limited. Only those who are being served can remain inside the store. Wait your turn outside.
In the Store
  • Follow the vendor's guidelines and keep the recommended distance.
  • We ask our clients to preferably use payment cards instead of money..
  • Payment cards will be handled only by the customer, including their placement in the Pinpad.
  • We ensure the disinfection of the Pinpad and other shared objects, after each use.
Priority Service
Priority will be given to assisting health professionals, elements of the security, protection and rescue forces and services, armed forces personnel and the provision of social support services, upon presentation of proof documents.
We ask that you follow the recommendations of the authorities and experts,
health and well-being are always first.
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