Delivery & Support

Delivery & Support

Complete and Integrated Information and Communication Technology Solutions
Decservices team is specialist in advice, design, customization, implementation and operational support of ICT infrastructure.
We have a dynamic team, with high technical qualifications and diverse areas of competence, that give us the experience and know-how to be your reference technical partner for ICT.
With technical services available 24x7 and ISO 9001 and ISO / IEC 20000-1 certification, the Customer benefit from the best practices in IT services, providing greater confidence and security in the management of its information systems.
Main services
Networks & Infrastructure
Advanced solutions that enable high performance and availability of infrastructures.

Cybersecurity systems for individual and perimeter protection.

Storage & Backup Solutions
Robust storage systems that guarantee the security, integrity and availability of information.

Unified Communication
We foster collaboration between teams and customers, in an agile way and on multiple platforms.

Information Systems
Technology solutions to increase business productivity.

Repair Centers
Equipment maintenance from leading hardware and software manufacturers.
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