Vision, Mission and Policy of Group Decsis

Sustain Decsis position as one of Portuguese leadership companies in information technology services. We achieve it by diversifying activities, investing in innovation and in the development of new projects and new services that add value to the existing offer.

To use our Vision as the mean to develop company capacities, adapting our Management System and diversifying our service portfolio, to make available a more comprehensive catalog of services, capable of satisfying the needs of the Market with prices and requirements conditions appropriate to the times we live in.

The Decsis Group is constituted by several companies providing Information Technology and Communications services, with proven and recognized experience in the market and a diversified offer of Solutions and Services. Through this Policy, the Decsis Group publicly assumes the commitment that the performance of its Management System is systematically measured and improved, so as to guarantee its employees, clients and other business partners the highest levels of quality, safety, confidence and profitability.

Likewise, in order to guarantee Quality, Business Continuity and minimize the risks inherent to our activities, Decsis Group guarantees that the information related to its activities, with its clients and other business partners is protected accordingly to best practices and standards in information security.

In particular Decsis Group guarantees:
  1. That its Management System is implemented in accordance with the best practices and standards for ICT providers;
  2. Systematic risk treatment, in order to ensure sustainability, business continuity and adequate protection of assets (own and clients'), against internal and external threats.
  3. Araining and accountability of its employees in order to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities and objectives in the performance of their duties and their impact on Companies' image.
  4. Respect for the laws, standards and regulations in force, particularly those related with our activities.
  5. The involvement of Management in all decisions related to the Management System, including those related to monitoring, development, review and improvement.

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